How To Increase Your Reach and Sales Using Video Marketing

Why Online Videos Increase Your Sales – The Benefits Of Video

Videos can bring many benefits to your business. We have figured out the most important points below.

1st advantage: Google likes videos

In the search results, Google presents a mix of the sources web, news, images, and videos. Anyone who can show not just text but a picture or video in the search results will attract attention. So you stand out from the crowd of displayed search results much more easily.

2nd advantage: users love videos

For many younger people, YouTube has already replaced TV. So if you want to distribute advertising videos almost free of charge, you should not only post them in your own online shop or on the website but of course also on YouTube.

3rd advantage: Videos captivate the audience

Videos are an important means of keeping visitors to your online store or website longer on your pages. The length of stay increases. At the same time, facts can be presented convincingly, and watching a video is more comfortable than reading long texts.

4th advantage: Videos spread very quickly via social media

Videos are one of the types of content that is shared particularly often on social networks. Because your videos are e.g. B. spread via Facebook by other users, the reach increases enormously.

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Ideas on how to produce and present your own videos cheaply

As a small or medium-sized business, you might think that making a well-made video is too expensive. But this is not the case. Nobody wants to see glossy videos that look like TV advertising on YouTube anyway. Simply use ideas that you can implement with little effort.

1. Show the product benefits in the video

The best idea and the most convincing video advertising is usually: Demonstrate your product and point out its strengths.

Wallet manufacturer Bellroy shows the product advantages in a video: Lying on a desk, the wallet is filled with cards, banknotes, etc. It is easy to see how much fits in the wallet. The video doesn’t even need a narrator – that saves multiple dubbing. Instead, there are several language versions with the text displayed.

Blender maker Blendtec says it owes a large part of its business success to its online videos.

This demonstrates the strength of the mixer in a credible way. Over 1.2 million viewers watched this video in the first two months of its release alone.

2. Show product instructions in the video

Videos that explain how something is done are in great demand, especially for technical products.

    • How does it work?
    • What can I do with it?
    • How do I use it correctly?
    • How do I take care of it?

These and many other customer questions can be answered precisely and clearly in explanatory videos. More elaborate explanatory videos often use animation or animation technology. But that is not always necessary. Explaining and demonstrating yourself works just as well in most cases.

SEO: How to best describe your video on YouTube

1. Optimizing the title of your video

Choose a title that accurately reflects the content of the video. Choose a title that arouses curiosity and makes you click. Don’t choose a sensational title that doesn’t fit the content just to attract viewers.

2. Optimization of the video description

Your video Use keywords that are relevant to the content of the video and your company. In the description, state the most interesting information first. Optimize the first two sentences of your description.

Describe the content in full sentences, not keywords. Also, include your website address (URL) in the video description. Please do not forget! Also give the video file a meaningful, descriptive name, not like “”.

3. Optimizing the tags on your video

Use keywords that describe the content of your video well. Enter a sufficient number of keywords. Pay attention to the order: most important keywords first. Use quotations for keyword phrases, for example, “preparation of cakes”.

Embed your YouTube video on your website and add descriptive text to your video.

Both, the embedding of the video and the text description in the context of the video on your website, bring you search hits and thus more traffic for your website.

Use the preview still image as an “advertising poster”:

The still image that appears as a small preview image in the Google search hits or the YouTube overview has a major influence on whether a video is clicked or not. You should therefore choose a particularly attractive image that is also clearly recognizable in the preview format.

Link your video on Facebook, Medium, and Twitter

Draw attention to your video with posts on social networks or the short message service Twitter. This makes it very easy for your fans and followers to view your video and forward it to their friends.

Even when posting your video, it is a good idea to describe the content of the video. This is not only useful for the reader who wants to know whether a click on the video is worthwhile. Google also evaluates the postings of some networks.

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After you’ve created these videos, the next thing is to make the videos recognized by the People. Like Google, YouTube is also a search engine for video.

How to do SEO for YouTube?

1. Keywords

The most important point in search engine optimization is using right keywords. One has to identify keywords that are searched most with the help of keyword planner of Google. You can also enter these keywords into YouTube search engine and find out the top videos. The keyword targeted by the top videos is required to be identified using page source view technique.

2. Title of the Video

After identifying the right keywords, you need to include one of the keyword in the title which related to your video.  Try to include emotional words in the title to grab the attention of the viewer. For example powerful words like growth, guaranteed, increase sales and emotional words like fascinating, new, remarkable, incredible etc., to be used to get more views.

3. Description

Next comes to description. In this section also, you need to use your main keyword and related keywords 3 to 4 times at various places. It is always better to transcribe the vides as this will increase the chances your video being identified by many people.

4. Internal Links

Always Include your website link in the first sentence of the description to get more clicks. Also include other relevant and important resource links in the description so that you can multiply the clicks. Don’t forget to include links to other social networks you are connected with to retain that visitor for a long time.

5. Thumbnails

Produce appealing thumbnails using complimentary solutions like or Paid one like for getting immediate interest as well as clicks to your video.

6. Playlist

Produce a playlist for your video clips to boost your video clip seo as youtube will certainly start showing or recommend various other video clips you developed immediately in turn your network popularity expands extremely.

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7. Maps & End Screen

A huge obstacle with video clip is that individuals don’t click and also the phone call to activity is weaker. To overcome this, add cards and also an end display to your videos to ensure that people can click the links and also go to your web site or watch associated videos from your playlist.


To enhance your video clips’ sights, urge visitors to comment and react to each remark.

9. Duration of Video

Another vital point is time. The longer the playback time, the less complicated it is to locate your video clips on YouTube. Therefore, you can make lengthy video clips with high quality.

10. Local Language content

You can produce content in local nationwide languages, as the next development chauffeur is local languages, in which there is little content.

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11. Create content together

One more way to obtain even more views is to co-author content. You can do a meeting with a professional and ask them to share the material on their social networks to make sure that they can reach their audience.