How To Get More YouTube Traffic, Views And Impressions

In this article, We will be covering exactly how you can siphon laser targeted visitors by tapping into the power of YouTube.

Here are some stats on YouTube taken from their website:

1. Receive 1 billion unique users per month
2. Over 6 billion hours of video watched each month
3. 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
4. YouTube reaches more US adults aged 18-34 than any other cable network…
5. More than 1 Million advertisers are leveraging the power of YouTube’s built-in monetization features…

So as you can see these are some serious stats and you should now be able to see the power of tapping into YouTube and siphoning some of those visitors to your websites, squeeze pages, and affiliate links.

1 billion unique visitors a month is the equivalent of 33 million daily visitors on YouTube which is almost 1.5 million visitors per hour which is 25,000 visitors any given minute.
You think by following my advice in this report you can siphon a tiny portion of those visitors to your website?

Of course, you can…

So scroll down and let’s get started…

How to choose a niche?

Okay so in this first module I’ll be sharing how you can pick a niche market to play in.

When choosing a niche online there are 3 big mass markets and Ideally you want to play in one of the 3 markets below.

They are Health Fitness, Weight Loss, Make Money Online and Dating is also starting to skyrocket.

I personally play in the Make Money Online space because I love the process of business and really am passionate about it. A big indication you’re choosing the right niche is if money is already being spent in that niche and the competition is fierce.

I’m going to show you how you can check if a niche is worth entering by using the power of Google:

How to verify a niche is commercially viable:

Step 1: Open up your Internet browser
Step 2: Head over to and type in the niche you want to play in.
Step 3: For example, I’m going to type in hamster toys in the search bar – as you can see there is only 1 generic ad being displayed from Amazon this shows you that a lot of money is NOT being spent in this market so more than likely stay away. By no means is this an in-depth niche analysis.

If there are no paid ads being displayed more than likely not much money is being spent in this particular niche area so stay away.

how to increase youtube views by yourself

Step 4: I’m now going to show you an example of a niche that is hot and full of ads by advertisers this shows this a commercially viable niche and money is being spent in this market. That’s why advertisers are paying Google to display their ads so they can sell because people are buying like crazy in this market.

Step 5: If you want to go one step further you can also go to Amazon, ClickBank and eBay and look to see if anything is being sold for the potential niche you are interested in. If a lot of items are available then you know the market is worth entering.

Step 6: Even though you can use this traffic strategy that I’m going to show you sell any product digital or physical just make sure there are products available to sell in whatever area you decide to target.

As you can see with the phrase dog toys there are tons of ads being displayed because this is a hot niche.

how to get more views on youtube for free

How To Create the Video?

Okay so now you know what niche you are going to target that’s brilliant for the purpose of keeping this report simple, we will stick to playing in the MMO niche.

So the next step once you know what you’re going to be promoting is creating the video. So we are playing in the MMO market there are tons of products to choose from whether you go to or or any of the top 10 products in of these affiliate networks will do the job.

Step 1: We will use a simple piece of software that’s called Cam Studio this software allows you to record your screen and talk over it. You can download the software from and it’s 100% free.

Step 2: If you have the budget and want a piece of software that does a better job than Cam Studio you should head over to Tech Smith and grab hold of Camtasia – this is much better software and allows for editing, etc.

Step 3: You want to prepare your video in PowerPoint so simply have text, images, and you talking over the top of it. Simply follow this simple structure when creating a video to promote an affiliate product:

    • Slide 1: Product Name + Reviewed
    • Slide 2: Review the author
    • Slide 3 to 5: Start reviewing the product, the benefits/features
    • Slide 6: Offer a bonus if they buy through your link
    • Slide 7: Rap up plus a call to action telling them to click the link and buy the product you’re selling.

Step 4: So that’s a very basic outline that works every time I use it. Once you have created your PowerPoint slide the next step is to go ahead and record the slides with Cam Studio with you talking over the top of it.

Step 5: Cam Studio has a big shiny red button, press that to start recording and it also allows you to select the portion of the screen you want to record – very straight forward stuff.

Step 6: Once you have finished recording it will allow you to save your recording as an MP4 video file ready to upload to YouTube.

Uploading The Video To Youtube Correctly

In this module I’m going to show you how to upload the video you just created above – now there’s more to this than you think.

Step 1: Head over to YouTube and make sure you have created a free account if you don’t already have one.

Step 2: Next you want to click on the Upload button and choose your mp4 video file.

Step 3: Your video will automatically start to upload but before you hit the Publish button you want to make sure you fill out the relevant fields:

Step 4: Once you have made sure all these steps that are outlined above are completed then click on the big shiny blue button that says publish.

You want to enter a title that is not only appealing to click on but also has your keyword in the title. Be sure you insert your affiliate which is not a naked affiliate – you want to make it’s cloaked either using your domain name or clickmagick tool.

Also, enter a sentence again with your keywords in this description section. Lastly in the description section at the very bottom add the URL so the link of the video in the box that way you get a backlink straight out of the box.

Enter at least 5 keywords then you want to target in the tag section and make sure people actually use these keywords by checking on any keyword tool such as Google’s.

Using QQTube – The Secret Sauce

Okay so you video should now be LIVE on YouTube and you should start getting video views and clicks on your link.

Organically the views and clicks are slow but there is a loophole in YouTube algorithm that allows you to explode the number of visitors your video gets.

This secret sauce is known as – This is a reputable company that allows you to inflate the likes on your video and inflate the views.

when you inflate the views and likes something kicks into YouTube which makes them drive tons of visitors to your video.

So here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Head over to and create a free account the views and likes will cost you about $3 to $5 but you will need to load up your QQTUBE account via Paypal with a minimum of $10 you can use the balance for your next video.

Step 2: Once you have created your next you want to login and buy 50 likes so click on add order and then click the likes tab – enter your video link URL, enter 50 for 50 likes it will cost $0.75c and then simply click on add service – It will take under 24 hours to complete.

Step 3: The next thing you want to buy is views and you should be 2000 retention views make sure you click on the little tick box that says retention views at the bottom.

Step 4: Once these 2 tasks have been completed by QQTube then you just need to sit back and watch the traffic, leads, and sales come in.

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Conclusion: Evergreen Money Offers

Ok so there you have it the YouTube Traffic Loophole this is a method I as well as a lot of my affiliates use to siphon tons of traffic.

Don’t be fooled by how simple it all sounds. I did say I’ll be revealing some evergreen offers that I have been using to make money from for almost 1 year now.

So if you head over to and create a free affiliate account with them, In the market place you’ll see some offers.

Something for you to note is a better way to maximizing the traffic you get is to send the traffic to a lead capture page and then redirecting it to an affiliate link or your own product.

Make sure you always use a link cloaking service – it increases your chance of someone clicking the link.

Be sure you’re always tracking your results as if you track you can always improve when you don’t track it’s almost impossible to learn which video worked best, which link did best so be sure to track.

Finally, this is a method that works on, rinse and repeat basis so keep creating videos and keeping churning this method all the way to the bank.