How to Get More Followers on Twitter Fast

How to Get More Followers on Twitter Fast

How to get followers on Twitter?

Optimize your Biography on Twitter: Having a biography on Twitter that defines who you are and what you do is a good way to get followers on Twitter quickly, who are looking for interesting people for your industry.

As we said before, it is important not to fall into the narcissism of calling yourself a “guru” , nor to do it in the third person, as if you were a hero.

Neither are you a machine to list your “functionalities” , therefore try to be as human as possible , and use keywords or words that help connect you with the audience you want and also show what your personality is . People want to know what you are like (we are curious).

It takes less than 20 seconds to do a quick scan of a profile, so don’t miss out!

How to gain more followers on Twitter?

Select a good Profile Picture: A Twitter profile is not complete without professional images. In fact, this should not be limited only to your profile, but also to your tweets and posts. What do I want to say?

You must develop the habit of posting quality images on your Twitter page. In this way, a greater number of accounts will effectively follow your page.

Speaking of the images of your profile and your cover, in addition to being professionals they must show who you are, what you do or what your company represents. Think of it this way, what services or products do you sell?

twitter-avatars with all the respect in the world, unless you really have an egg face, or consider yourself one (we hope not), please try not to leave the avatar that Twitter has by default (I assure you that you will not be able to gain many followers with it) .
Doing so would automatically lose confidence in who looks at your profile, and who in milliseconds must decide whether to follow you or not.

I mean: do you define yourself as a guru, but do you have a profile picture egg? In that way? You say you are and do such a thing, but you have a picture of an egg? So you can’t trust what you say.

Choose a person on Twitter with the same interests as you. The first step is to choose an account of a person who has interests similar to yours. If you like networking and online marketing, here is a fantastic list of Twitter accounts .

Very Useful Tips To Get Quality Twitter Followers

Create safelists. If you click on the padlock next to each user in the lists, you will put him in safelist. This means that you are not going to stop following him without wanting to.
Stop following who does not follow you.

The Chrome extension can be used both to follow and to unfollow. You can unfollow a lot of people in a few seconds.

Accounts to follow. Choose accounts with a smaller number of followers than followers. This way you guarantee more quality in the people you are going to follow.

Follow the top 10 on each list. I only follow the first 10 people on each list. To do this, click on the lock of the last 10 people and run the extension.

Follow people who are on user lists. You can also follow people who are on Twitter lists. Click on Follow Tweeps and List Members. It’s a good way to go Pin an interesting tweet on your profile. Make sure you have an interesting tweet (with a better photo) pinned on your profile. Enter Twitter click on the three dots in the tweet you want to pin and that’s it.

It’s going to be the first thing people will see when they enter your timeline.
Choose a different account every day. Try to choose different accounts to follow your friends or followers every day and check which ones work the best.

I have shown you how I have increased my followers on Twitter so quickly, I hope that with this method you can do the same with your account. It doesn’t take me much more than 15 minutes a day doing this, but make sure you do it every day, even on the weekend. For this to work you have to commit a bit.

If you are not a Superstar or an Influencer, you won’t have many people following you, so you have to start following a lot of people to get them to follow you back.

Make sure that you focus on having a real and interested audience, it is not worth having many followers if they do not interact with you, quality is much better than quantity.

Now I would like to complement this method with different tools that I use to eliminate inactive users or to tell us which users do not follow us on Twitter or why they stop following you.

Before starting I would like to emphasize that we should not use absurd strategies such as the classic “Follow a Unfollow”, that is, those people who follow you so that you follow them and soon they stop following you.

Tweet frequently

A content strategy for Twitter is different than one for Instagram or Facebook. In this social network, to attract the attention of new users and keep the old ones, it is necessary to publish more frequently (3-7 tweets per day is optimal). The main thing is to balance a sufficient amount of tweets and spam in the feed.

Optimize publishing time

One of the reliable ways to get followers on Twitter is to optimize your posting time. The output of your tweets should match the online presence of your target audience.

This is a free tool that will help you increase your number of followers on Twitter. In the service interface, you can schedule the publication of your tweets one week in advance. There’s also a content calendar with ideas for each day’s posts, an image generator, a hashtag repository, and other helpful features.

Post visual content frequently

Most of the content on Twitter is text, including news, jokes, life hacks, reflections on certain topics, and so on. Therefore, images and videos appear in users’ feed and attract their attention. Take advantage of this social media feature and post more visual content (trailers of your videos from other social media, photos, gifs, memes, etc.).

Use hashtags wisely

Hashtags help your tweet get more visits on this social network. Thanks to the correct combination of hashtags, your account is very likely to be seen by the target audience, who will become your new followers on Twitter. The more you do this, the better you will learn to match hashtags over time.

Use thematic and industry-specific hashtags, don’t just randomize them. Choose the most popular hashtags that match the topic of your tweet. Don’t add too many hashtags so your tweet doesn’t look like spam.

Interact with the audience

To increase the interest of users in your account, interact with them. Don’t just write tweets, organize polls, actively reply to comments. Have discussions in the comment section on your page and others, make reruns, etc. Be part of the dialogue with your followers and potential subscribers.

Need to Follow First

As a new or novice Twitter user, the “follow first” trick is a must for you. Unless you are a well-known and influential celebrity, you should get in the habit of following relevant Twitter users on a daily basis. In fact, even the most successful marketing influencers follow many Twitter users.

Here is the three step process:

  • Make a list of 3-5 of the most active influencers in your niche. These should be super, super related to your type of business or personal brand.
  • Visit their Twitter profiles and click on their pinned tweets.
  • Get ​​in touch with the users (as many as you can) who have responded to that pinned tweet and follow each person you interact with (or respond to).



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