How To Create Content For Your Blog That Converts

We all hate “writing” don’t we? Well I don’t but yes, most people do! But even for those of us who LIKE writing, the time to type everything out is really a pain!… Especially for us two fingered “hunt & peck” typists!

But yet, writing is so PROFITABLE!! Whether you…

  • Self publish Amazon books
  • Create online courses
  • Do bonuses for affiliate marketing
  • Create blogging or website content
  • Do freelance writing (good money in this too!)
  • Do freelance writing
  • Or even create email info courses…

The ability to create high quality INFO articles fast provides you with MULTIPLE HIGH EARNING MONEY MAKING VENUES & profit streams!! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could create money earning articles, in virtually any niche, ‘on the fly’ without typing?


Well, what follows in this short report is one of my secret methods for producing high quality articles FAST with minimal typing! (Using FREE SOFTWARE!).

And NO…I’m not talking about so called “article spinning” software or the like. With the method I reveal here, you can turn the task of “writing” articles into one of basic “editing”. Here’s an overview of how it works:

    1. We find a You Tube video that gives QUALITY INFO on a topic we wish to write about.
    2. We download that video using special free software.
    3. We use a FREE online tool to convert the video’s ‘audio’ into a written document.
    4. We now go in and edit/rewrite the text to correct any spelling/grammar errors and ALSO change the wording enough to make the article our own and original!
    5. We use yet another free online software to aid us in quickly making our article even more unique!

That is it. Since we can edit and rewrite articles MUCH FASTER than typing from scratch, we can create high quality written fast and easy!

ALSO, since we are not selling the video, nor directly “copying” the narration but just using it as a basis to create our own article, we are not in any copyright violations either!

REMEMBER, “Written content” is copyrightable… IDEAS are NOT copyrightable…Just be sure to change the wording enough that it reads as an original article. This isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds… We “write” differently that we “speak” so just the act of editing video text so it sounds like written text will change it considerably.

In addition, we can

  • Add in additional info Reword key passages
  • Change the order of the outline or ideas in the
  • Use more than one video and create a composite
    article by copying and pasting!

We can also use formatting to make our article even more original… We can convert ideas expressed in long speech into bullet points. We can add images. We can change examples into different examples, etc.

ASIDE: ESTIMATING YOUR ARTICLE SIZE FROM VIDEO LENGTH People usually speak 125 – 150 words per minute. So, a 20 minute video will generally convert to 2,500 to 3,000 words.

Typically, your final article will considerably reduce that to about 50% – 60% of the original word count. But also, typically, you will be adding in added info which typically brings the word count of the final article to about 75% (3/4) the original video word

So, as a rough estimate, from 20 minutes worth of video you will end up with about a 2000 word final original article. In other words, you can expect that your end article will have 100 words per minute of video.

Here Are the Detailed Steps:

Suppose we want to write a 1200 word article on “how to stop your dog from barking”.

I am not an authority on dog training and certainly have no idea how to stop dog barking, but, as we shall see, You Tube can make you an instant expert!

Step 1: Visit You Tube I entered in “how to train your dog not to bark” in the You Tube search bar…

high converting content

The first thing I notice is You Tube’s “search suggest” gives me a list of more specific searches…Just take note of this… We may use it later…Let’s look at the videos that come up…

The first video is 15 minutes long and approximately equal to 1500 words.  At first glance more than enough for a 1200 word article. BUT UPON viewing the video (I just clicked through different parts to get a quick idea of the content and quality), I see it is in the form of an extended discussion/interview of a family with a problem dog…

Much too much jibber jabber with no concise content…

NEXT… I look (briefly) at the next 2 videos. The next (2nd) video is much better… Nice concise to  the point narration…

The one after that (3rd video) is not as good. The guy is talking with a white board dragging it out…Would be OK if that was the only choice but no…let’s go with the 2nd video as It’s 7 minutes long and so it should result in about a 700 word final article.

But WAIT… We want 1200 words…

No problem… Remember those suggested searches from You Tube? After our main article (about how to stop dogs from barking in general) is written, we can ADD a few SPECIALTY cases (stop barking at other dogs, stop barking at night or when left alone…) So, we should be OK and it really UPS the quality of our final article!

Step 2: Download the Video

The online software we will use to download the video is a browser extension you can download at It works with Chrome or Firefox (I use Firefox) Just go there and click the “Download Extension” button at the lower right.

Now when you go to You Tube, you’ll see a pink “download” button under any selected video! Let’s click download… This tab opens…. You can download any resolution of the video as we are only interested in the audio anyway.

If a page in your browser opens playing the video, just stop it and right click it and select “Save video as”.

Step 3: Convert the Video Narration to Text

The online software we will be using to convert our video(s) to text is called Otter ( Go there and sign up for an account (it’s free).

You can use Otter in a number of ways including as a ‘speech to text’ tool (speaking into a mike or headset) or converting audio files to text. In our case we will use the “Import audio/video” option.

Click the button with this option. A pop-up box will appear where you can just and drag your video to. Just open the folder on your computer that has the video and drag it into the pop-up box.

The online software will take several minutes to process. When the “is processing” changes to “is ready”, click on it and your text will pop up!

The text doesn’t “copy & paste” by dragging and clicking… Instead, right click the text, click “Select all”, and then hit Ctrl-C (for “copy”). Next, just paste it into your favorite word processor (I’m using MS Word).1550 words… 221 words per minute. We may well end up with a 1200 word article after all.

The 1st thing I do is create a title and format the text to read more easily…

Step 4: Edit/Rewrite Your Text

Now it’s just a matter of going through the text narration and breaking it into paragraphs and editing it so it becomes original and makes sense.

In my last video, you told me that you needed help with unwanted barking. For those of you watching now, does your dog bark or would you say that you pretty much have it under control? consider sharing this because I’ll tell you one of the main reasons people relinquish their dog will find a new home for their dog or give them up to a pound or a shelter is because they barns understand that dogs bark three huge variety of reasons.

Maybe they’re excited and they want to play. Maybe they’re nervous or unsure. Maybe they’re feeling protective or territorial.

The first thing you can do to make your job way easier is to make sure your dog is getting the appropriate exercise. Exercise is the perfect prescription for barking that occurs out of excitement, boredom or frustration. Remember, if you have an extra energetic dog, you might need to play fetch with them often or do something like long hikes regularly with them.

Our first task is to give our dogs attention off whatever it is that’s making them bark and onto us and we want them to do it voluntarily. The reason is, we want them to think when we bring about behavior from the inside. outwards, it makes our job easier now, and in the
future dogs truly understand sincerity.

We’re not just saying a word or a command and our dogs since all dogs were bred to work with people, we know that they have it in them to learn from us. And one of the ways to substantially increase the odds that you’re able to break your dog’s attention on whatever it is they’re focused on, is to have a very powerful currency in your corner.

This is usually food or play. For most dogs. And here is the resulting modified text I did (2 pages).How to TEACH ANY DOG to STOP BARKING Humanely, Effectively, and Naturally! Does your dog bark uncontrollably? Does he/she often display unwanted barking in spite of your best efforts to get them to stop? You’re not alone. Many dog owners experience this problem with their loved pets.

IN FACT, one of the main reasons people relinquish their dog to a new home or give up their dog to a pound or dog shelter is because they bark uncontrollably. However, there are natural ways to teach your dog, or any dog to stop barking that are both humane and effective!

THIS ARTICLE will reveal how you can cure unwanted barking from your beloved dog. Understanding uncontrolled barking: As dog owners, we need to realize that dogs bark three huge variety of reasons.

• Maybe they’re excited and they want to play.
• Maybe they’re nervous or insecure.
• Maybe they’re being protective (remember, dogs are territorial (yes even the small     ones!).

The first thing you can do to get your dog to stop barking is to understand why he/she is barking.

This is simple but effective. Our strategy is to divert our dog’s attention off of whatever it is that’s making them bark and get that attention onto us, and we want them to do this willingly & freely. We want our dog’s behavior to change from the inside and not just from a command or order from us.

OK, let’s get into specifics. Let’s start with a tip that will make you’re your task of stopping ANY uncontrolled barking much easier for you.

Stop Barking Technique #1 – Exercise:

In many cases, the first step to control your dog’s barking is to be sure your dog is getting a good amount of exercise. IN FACT, if you have an extra energetic dog, exercise is often the perfect remedy to stop unwanted barking.

Exercise can work wonders for barking that occurs out of excitement, boredom or frustration. You might need to “play fetch” with them more often and/or regularly do long walks, runs or hikes with them.

Stop Barking Technique #2 – Distraction:

One of the ways to substantially increase the odds that you’re able to break your dog’s attention on whatever it is barking at, is to have a powerful positive “distraction” in your arsenal. This is usually food or play. For most dogs. See how we’ve organized the ideas, tightened up the wording, and broken it into paragraphs?

See how we have reworded the article to make it our own?

HINT: I often have MS Word’s thesaurus open to find synonyms! Open Office (free) also has a built-in thesaurus or you can use an online thesaurus. We’ve also broken our article into a series of subheadings too!

SIDE NOTE: In this guide…This rewrite is just a quick example.. I would change this article bit further and upon completion rearrange the points somewhat and add new points or info based on added sources.

Also, I prefer to use MULTIPLE videos so my end article is an amalgamation, unlike any one individual source.
That also brings us to our final step (it’s quick).

Step 5: Make Our Article Even More Unique Using Free Software!

Remember that individual words and phrases are not copyrightable. That said, there is one more step I would go through before finalizing my articles to ensure they are unique enough from the original video narrations.

Here’s a tool I recommend using:

It compares two texts and shows similarities…the red highlighted text is where there is exact wording… Using this tool, you can quickly and efficiently go in and change wording where needed to maker your article even more unique.

Again, an article from more than one source video helps, as does adding a bit of your own additional info.

I also usually only choose topics I’m interested in so I can more easily add my own stuff… The TRUTH IS… “Editing” is much easier and faster than “writing”. MODIFYING an existing article rather than “typing from scratch” is so much more efficient (time & effort wise) AND often results in a much higher quality article too!

Now we have an article that (once finished) we can place on a blog or website, post on social media, or turn into a book! For example, check this out on Amazon…

how to create content that converts


I searched “stop dog from barking” on Amazon and a bunch of books came up…some of the results are shown here.

content that converts course

Do you think that between that above table of contents and info found on You Tube, you could create a similar popular book? Or even a SERIES of popular books? OR… Look what I found on ClickBank. This dog training course sells for $47 and pays our 75% to affiliates!

how to create blog content

You may also like to check this article on “How to Increase Website Traffic Organically Using Structured Content” for success in your content writing.

Do you think a series of short dog training articles similar to what we are doing above would be terrific presells to promote this course? OR Since you now have the POWER to write high quality articles on virtually ANY subject in virtually ANY niche, you could simply offer freelance writing services!

• The possibilities are endless!
• And this is just ONE example in ONE niche.
• You can do this for virtually ANY niche or ANY interest!

The HURDLE has always been the writing… That hurdle is now REMOVED and you now have a powerful way to easily create content (in any format) and MONETIZE it any way you like!