Do you want to start your own farming business? This “financially prepared” information session is for you

Do you want to start your own farming business? This “financially prepared” information session is for you

WANT to join your farm but don’t know where to start?

The NAB team will be holding a free information session at Beef 2021 on Tuesday 4 May that will help point you in the right direction.

While the information will be useful for young people looking to get started, it will also be useful for people who have made a career elsewhere but now want to start a full farming business.

“There are many people over the years who may have wanted to pursue agriculture over the years, but who have taken a different career path, but now would like to start in agriculture and are not sure how to move forward,” Darren Kuhl, NAB Business The Bank’s Executive Officer – Central Qld, who will lead the session, told Beef Central.

“Maybe someone who didn’t have the support of the family behind them or the capital to go in, or maybe someone with a family history in agriculture but who might want to go out alone.

“We looked into this and thought it would be worth organizing a session for people who are interested in taking the first step.”

Mr Kuhl said the session, which will be held between 11:00 and 11:45 in the NAB front row booth at Beef 2021 (site R1) on Tuesday, will also give attendees plenty of opportunity to ask and answer .

“Anyone is welcome, there is no cost and many will ask questions in an open forum, or if someone wants to step aside and have a quiet conversation, there is also this opportunity.

“Most importantly, no question is a silly question – if you think about it, the person sitting next to you probably thinks it too.”

The session will include information on the various options for obtaining funding, from the commercial banking sector to various government assistance programs available.

People were also given advice on what they need to do to become ‘bank ready’, covering the type of information that banks would seek to launch an application.

“It’s really a first step for those people who are a little anxious, in terms of what I can do, where I can start and who I can talk to,” he said.

Mr Kuhl said that, in his 20-year career in the banking sector, demand for agribusiness loans never seemed to be greater than it is now, at all levels, from individual lenders to the corporate level, including reflect the high levels of trust in the agricultural sector.

In addition to the Finance Ready session, NAB will be holding free daily information sessions through Beef 2021 at its trade booth – site R1 – full details below:


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