50 of the Best Blogging Tools and Resources to Grow Your Blog in 2021

50 of the Best Blogging Tools and Resources to Grow Your Blog in 2021

Blogging is an important aspect of building an online business, with the right blogging tools one can progress in their endeavor to providing better user experience and in turn achieving profitability.

It is a carefully selected list of blogging tools. You will find many important tools to boost your blogging experience as well as the experience of your blog visitors.

This powerful list of blogging tools is based on different resources for blog writers, including professional, part-time or personal. I have given them into various sections, allowing you to evaluate and choose the right tool for the proper use. Best tool always makes your life easy and at the same time give the best user experience to your readers also.

Here I have presented a long list of blobbing tools with a view to bring all the important options available on the internet for better blogging. Every instrument is helpful in its own way but you need not use all of them. You may select some of the following tools which in your opinion they are useful for your day to day blogging. I have also given a one-line comment for each tool as a quick but helpful reference. These tools are aimed at giving good blogging experience.

I have personally used at least 75% of the tools mentioned below, and the remaining 25% are suggested by other bloggers whose opinions I read and trust.

The Ultimate Collection of Blogging Tools and Resources

SEO Tools:

Blog running is a serious business and most frequently used while blogging are SEO tools. When you enter in and write about different topics, you’re fancy. These days, analysis and ongoing strategy refinements are necessary to stay in the marketing competition.

These are countless tools you could use to research keywords, platform sites, analyze the competition, and more also.

SEO is easily one of the essential blogging or website management tools, which is most frequently used. One of the best blog writing tools for SEO is to cover all the SEO requirements, and all your pages and posts are correctly optimized. Here are some points for using SEO as a blogging tool.

SEO is its very simple to use if you have right research tools. All you have to do is pursue their instructions after creating a page or writing a post, and you’ll ensure basic SEO on every page. Some SEO tools are as under.

  • Google Search Console: it is a free platform from Google and shows you various types of data about website’s traffic and its performance.
  • Bing Webmaster Tool: Used just like Google webmaster tool, Bing is also used as a search engine.
  • Surfer SEO: It is used for SEO friendly content ideas that search engines love to get higher rankings.
  • Screaming Frog: It’s also an SEO tool that lets you check the post and the blog from the web-spider. It is mainly a site audit tool and it has both free and paid versions.
  • KW Finder: It’s the new tool to research long tail keywords which have low SEO difficulty.

WordPress: An Open Source Content Management Tool:

WordPress is easy for beginners yet powerful for developers: As discussed earlier, WordPress is an open platform to get started with and for beginners. Most webhosts come here with what are called one-click auto-installers. WordPress is as simple to use as a word processor like Microsoft Word.

Some blog writing tools offer the ability to email your posts directly to your blog readers without direct interaction through the blogging tool interface. It means direct contact and approaches are the cool features of this platform.  WordPress offers this fantastic assistance.  You can now propel your post content to a pre-defined email address & voila by using email.

WordPress is easy to learn as long as you work a few hours every day. You would also need some fundamental search skills (i.e., know how to use search engines like Google) and the capacity to follow some instructions. No, you won’t have to know HTML or other programming languages to code a website while using this platform.

  • Leadpages: It is one of the best landing page tools for WordPress or any blog. It’s very reliable and trustworthy to create websites, landing pages to collect leads and even popups etc.

Hosting Tools:

Blog hosting is where you can find a hosting company that will render its servers to you to utilize its server resources such as storage, bandwidth, and other essential tools. Hosting services enable websites and other internet applications to be reached globally online. When searching for the perfect blog hosting provider, there are some essential factors you will need to keep in mind.

Indeed, there are some free hosting companies, but these packages are usually limited in many aspects, which will eventually make the platform unsuitable for your blog. Good hosting is instrumental to the success of any website especially blogging websites. A good hosting means a good foundation for your blog and brand because poor hosting leading to any downtime can be pretty damaging to your brand. If you want to make something out of your blog, it is paramount that you look for the best hosting facilitators in the market.

In our present time, it is cumbersome to select between different web hosting companies, especially since we are always bombarded by their promotions.

A webhost is place where your website files are physically stored. You own some space on their servers, but you have to pay a small fee to keep it online.

  • Bluehost: It is very popular among many Internet Marketers. It is a less expensive hosting services provider. It is the best platform with a friendly budget for small websites.
  • Rocket.net: It provides simple, fast and reliable WordPress hosting. It provides all the ton of WordPress security, images in compressed form.
  • Hostarmada.com: It is relevantly new web host service but provides faster website loading, security firewalls and round the clock customer service.

Desktop Blog Editors:

Under this category of desktop blog editors, the following tools are most popular among the bloggers.

  • Hemingway Editor tool : It is an excellent desktop writing tool that will enhance your writing skills. Get an instant reading level grade and word count. Hemingway Editor used for writing clear and bold in précised way. The tool highlights the complex statements, lengthy and complicated, and common errors also. Hemingway is a enormous way to craft your writing stronger quickly. However, take into account that this can’t be used as an editor for every writing piece. If you’re someone who wants to use it to see which areas you need help with, that’s great.
  • Frase.io: It plugs right into your content workflows and guides the writers to the perfect writing every time. Plugin your target topic and share it with your team. It is a popular content feature. It is a straightforward, friendly automated content brief, content optimization workflows, content strategy templates. It also integrates with WordPress, Medium etc.
  • Open Live Writer: The open live writer is a most powerful writing tool. It highlights the blog editor that encourages to adding photos, creating blog posts, and videos then promptly publish it to your website. The open live writer works with several well-known blog service providers such as Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, moveable type, and many more things that attract the viewers. It is an open-source tool enables edit and publish blog posts. It is consists of a fork of the well-loved easy, friendly user but not actively developed window live writer code. It provides a certified license of MIT. Best desktop editor for Windows OS, and you can publish directly from your desktop.
  • Evernote: It is used for a quick note. It is an app designed for taking notes, organizing, task management, and archiving. It is developed by ever Note Corporation, headquartered in different cities. This app allows users to create notes, such as text, drawings, photographs, audio, and save any web content. It is a tool to organize and designed the noting tool for different purposes in different organizations. Evernote is a popular web-based tool that serves as an online notebook to let you capture just about everything in business and personal life. Many people use it in different ways and different forms, such as store files, notes, photos, music, and something in a central place across devices.

Blog post title tools:

In order to check the emotional marketing value of an article title, this tool is used by the bloggers.

  • EVM Tool: The higher the EVM score is, the better it will perform on social media channels. The EVM or emotional marketing value headline analyzer is a free tool from the advanced marketing institute, which quickly catches headlines. You can use it for your blog and social media.
  • Headline Analyzer: It is the best tool that is used in the market. It will help choose of best titles for the blog post. Headline analyzer is reaching your customers profoundly and emotionally is a key to successful copywriting. Your headline is the most precious piece of copy you use to reach prospects.
  • Tweak biz title generator: This is a comprehensive title generator by Tweak biz. It is a way to generate a unique, different, and attractive title that has a stunning impact on the viewer. It is a tool to improve the work rating just due to the beautiful label.
  • Potent idea generator:  This is also used to create stunning titles for the bogs.

Proofreading Tools:

To proof-reading your written work, a blogger can use the following tools. It can make the written work free from mistakes.

  • Grammarly: This tool is for a non-native English speaker. It helps with proofreading, suggests words, and is a great companion also. Grammarly is filled with writing tips and advice and information or grammar rules to help you write best. It is a free web-based tool to improve your writing. This app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors. It makes its writing bold and creates and highlights the sentence errors and harsh penalties for the reader.
  • Pro Writing Aid: Another agency is a popular grammar and spell checker tool called the pro writing aid. It supports multiple platforms. A more competent writer checks the grammar, style editor, and writing mentor in only one package. It is the best tool to improve your writing and is also used for scanning plagiarism. It is undoubtedly better in terms of accuracy.

Stock image for blogs:

  • Flicker advanced search: It is an advanced search method used to find images with a creative commons license. Search images for any type and any subject can easily be used in the blog. Because by using images one can quickly understand the topic and finds content interesting. Open the advance search panel to access a variety of options that expand or narrow your search. When the flicker displays the complete result, then you can see all the options.
  • Pixabay: It is the image creator tool for bloggers. When high-quality images needed to download from the website, this platform is used. Normally no credit is to be given to the images downloaded from this site. It is a platform for downloading the high-quality images. The free stock of photos and videos are easily downloadable, and these can be used for your blog without any problem.

Image/video recording tools:

Below are some of the important tools for creating videos to your blog or uploading to YouTube.

Camtasia : It is a multi purpose video editing and screen recording tool for creating high quality videos. This tools is created by keeping beginners in mind. Camtasia facilitates marketers to create professional videos in a very quick time with efficiency.  It has both Windows and Mac versions.

TubeBuddy: It is beneficial for YouTube publishers or video bloggers. This tool is used for enhancing YouTube channel traffic and makes it easier to manage your channel. It is recommended by many marketers for the purpose of optimizing and growing your channel. Using the software, you can directly connect to channel to get suggestions on keywords, ranking factors and many more features to grow your YouTube channel

Loom:  A new tool that allows recording of your  desktop, camera and microphone  recording simultaneously.  It is also a video messaging tool.

MPEG Stream clip: It is a powerful desktop video converter. It reduces the size and format of the video.

Productivity Tools:

These tools are used to enhance your productivity and save time as well. I have filtered a few of them:

Jing: This amazing tool is for screenshots. It can be used for preparation of videos, but they take more time to render. That’s why I turned to the loom.

Loom: Like Jing, the loom is used for training videos. The tool is highly effective because it instantly renders videos, generates folders for your group, and gives them access.

Google Docs: Google Docs is a fantastic tool for maintaining various documents online. It has numerous features, such as it saves everything by itself, instantly accessible from any device and anywhere with an active internet connection.

Apple Notes: Apple Note is close to the price of a MacBook Pro. It is a great tool to create lists and write down notes in general. It’s compatible with all Apple devices. Moreover, it loads immediately, searchable, and has autosave feature.

Landing Pages:

Creating landing pages is not relatively easy. It’s hard to make them, but they can be amazing if you pick the right software.

Gutenberg: It is fabulous for creating landing pages. It includes two stunning features including, a general questionnaire schema block and a table of contents block.

Leadpages: Commonly used to connect with audience, collect their email address and close sales. It is more admirable features than most of the landing page builders.

Online Course Platforms:

Teachable: If you are wailing to sell online courses and looking for an excellent online course platform, then Teachable is a viable option. It’s easy to use, fast, and provides most of the features you need.

Visitor stats tools:

Visitor stats tools are another amazing tools that shows the traffic stats for your blog.

  • Google Analytics: Using this tool, you can quickly check details of your traffic and live traffic stats on the blog and check these traffic stats on word press.
  • Jetpack plug-in: It will generate your traffic reports on word press.

Keywords research tools:

It’s also the tool to search for the best keywords for your blog, boost the traffic, and generators the maximum viewers for the website or the blog. These keywords can make your site or blog at the top of the powerful SEO tools you can use.

  • Google keyword planner: It provides you an easy and free keywords research tools. These methods can be used to rank your websites and blog. The tool is ideal for beginners with keyword research.
  • Ahrefs: No need to say much about it as this a very good keyword research tool which should be in your arsenal without any doubt.
  • Keywordshitter.com: It’s also a great tool to increase the speed of keyword research, using this tool you can generate bulk keywords.
  • Answerthepublic.com: This amazing tool is quick to suggest keyword searches based on Google Auto query.

Ad Networks:

AdThrive: It is the best tool for placing ads. If you want more number of page views for your web pages, they you need AdThrive.

Ezoic: It is intelligent tool to manage website ads, it automatically changes ad sizes and ad locations for better viewer experience and revenue.

Outsourcing websites:

Some outsourcing websites are used for the promotion of your content, and blog writing  such as:

  • Fiverr: It’s the popular outsourcing site (to create YouTube videos, SEO, content creation etc.).
  • Freelancers: It is a great place to have VA or freelancer and online work to do.

Social Media tools:

As all of us know that it is the time of social media platforms, these platforms are much stronger than any other, e.g., Facebook, buffer app, social pilot, etc.

  • Headspace: This is the best tool for blogging in 2021. These tools can be used in your blog posts to increase your numbers of likes, views and enhance the audience.
  • To Do List : With this traffic, you can not only enhance your publicity but can earn money by online freelancing.
  • Instagram: It is a powerful platform for the post of your business activities and promotion. Celebrities and business people also use these platforms.

Blog Monetization:

  • Google AdSense: This network is used for earning money through your blog writing and YouTube channels. In this regard, Google AdSense is a powerful tool with a lower minimum payout. Now a day’s bloggers are using commerce-related words in writing articles to earn money.
  • Viglink.com is another platform for monetizing your websites or blogging.

Affiliate markets place for affiliate bloggers:

Many famous companies use affiliate platforms frequently because it’s the oldest and reliable way to affiliate your blog or sites with these marketplaces. Bloggers use email marketing software to promote their business or blogs.

  • Impact Radius: Getting late traction because many well-known companies like Media Temple and MaxCDN utilize IR to run their affiliate programs.
  • Commission Junction: One of the oldest and most trustworthy affiliate markets to locate great affiliate offers. It allows you to pay with Payoneer.
  • ShareASale: This famous affiliate market has tons of affiliate programs to choose from.
  • Clickbank:  It is very popular among affiliate marketers as it has diversified niches to promote various digital products and earn decent commissions.

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