3 Blogging Tips for Beginners To Start And Build a Successful Blog

3 Blogging Tips for Beginners To Start And Build a Successful Blog

Blogging is a hobby of mine. I just find it fun to write down my opinions on different things, post it on my blog and leave it there. Well not anymore, I realized that my blog can actually do some good in the world. And it won’t cost you a penny.

There are lots of ways to help people, but how about giving good news? Helping people get a good education will help them be productive citizens will be productive employees in the economy. Helping people find a good job will give them a better lifestyle, will help them be more earning and more working class citizen. Helping people to be self sufficient will give them more money to spend on their needs.

The world is changing, the economy is going down the drain and people are getting poorer, not only they have less money, but they’re living in poverty. Helping people to get a good education will help them be productive and make them work for what they earned. Helping people become self sufficient will give them more money to spend on their needs. Helping people to find a better job will give them a better lifestyle, and make them work harder for their job. Helping people to be more productive will make them work more and earn more money. There are lots of things you can do, but I’ve found these three tips to be good news ways to help people.

1. Help poor and rich

If you live in the poor neighborhood you can take it upon yourself to educate your fellow man.

How you do this is by offering free education where they live, helping them get a good job where it’s really easy for them. Then help them become self-sufficient by providing them food and clothing if they want more.

You don’t care how it helps the poor man, and the rich man. Just give them what they want, and it’s your job to provide them with what they need. If you’re helping poor people, that’s great. If you’re helping rich people, then they’ll give you the money you need, and your life will be easier.

you can reach the right audience by having an internet presence, that is a blog.  You need to solve or concentrate at least one of the problems people have at present to be successful with blogging.

2. Help people to become productive

Help people get a good job where it’s really easy for them, Help them be self-sufficient by providing them the right knowledge to get what they want in their life like five start hotel food and luxurious clothing if they want more.

This is by providing them with education, and helping them become self-reliant, by providing them with a computer so that they’ll be able to go to the internet and find what they need.

If you help them get a good job, then you’ve helped them become productive, and it’s your job to provide them with what they need to become productive. They’ll give you money, and they’ll give you stuff that will make your life easy.

3. The important aspects of creating a successful blog

All the essential things you need to know to creating a successful blog are detailed below, we are going to concentrate on WordPress platform for creating your first blog, however you can use any blogging content managing software to get started.

Why WordPress?

WordPress popularity goes into why it has become the preferred blogging platform. Its easy to use, has a large community and powerful plug-ins for making your blog do almost anything.

If you are new to the internet then it is easy to use and has no knowledge of HTML. Its a big advantage that some people don’t realize. If you are going to write blog posts that have some substance they have to be written in PHP. This is actually easier than writing in HTML.

Installing WordPress

Installing this is very simple if you have a web hosting service that supports Fantastico. Just follow the prompts and your done. There is no need to mess with any part of the installation except for entering your email address to get your access key. The install is done without any ads whatsoever.

Adding content

There are many things you can add into your WordPress blog. You can choose to add text, audio, video or simply have it sit empty most of the time. You can add text into your posts. This is not a difficult task at all. There are many free online text editors you can use. Its a matter of choosing the one you feel most comfortable with.

Adding video and being able to play that video is one of the more recent additions to wordpress. With many people adding video to their blogs. WordPress made it very easy by making it easy to upload video from your computer. Once uploaded you can customize the video by choosing different formats. You can add music using Soundcloud or YouTube. This is by far the easiest way of posting the video to the web. With the addition of the ability to play video, you can have the most recent articles you found on your blog posted in the video. Most of the time you will want to keep the video under a couple minutes.

The next step is to just start blogging. Start writing and posting your blog articles. As you start blogging and feel you articles getting better you can change back out with the posts you are writing. After a while, its much easier to read through the older ones then try to read through the newer ones. This allows you to read what you write and get your momentum back. You can change your articles back out and make the newer ones the new top ones. This gives you more of a readership to read and more of a chance to get more subscribers. You can switch articles over anytime you like. You can read through articles in any order you choose.

After you get the flow of your writing process. The biggest thing you need to remember though is your consistency. Consistency is what will make you grow your blog. Consistent is how many people tune in to see what you are blogging about and to also see the posts you have made.

Now you know what you need to do to start blogging. The biggest thing you need to remember is to start writing. You don’t need to write anything before you start writing your articles. Once you start writing your articles a then just follow your article. When writing your articles, its best to follow what is written. Don’t try and write a new article every time you write an article. Consistency is what drives the success of your blog. So keep writing.

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